Stronghouse Studio Spaces

At the Stronghouse Studios + Gallery

Telluride Arts offers affordable studio space to local visual artists. Situated in the historic Stronghouse building, the studios accommodate artists and musicians. Studios are rented upon availability and range in price depending on size, privacy and light. In addition to the studios, the Stronghouse is home to the Stronghouse Gallery, a community black & white darkroom, the Stronghouse Underground a flex events space, a music studio and the Telluride Arts offices.

The Stronghouse Studios + Gallery building is a lively hub of creative activity in the heart of historic Telluride. The Stronghouse building was erected in 1892 and was part of the warehouse district during the mining years. Today the stone and mortar structure provides a variety of spaces that serve as artists studios. The open floor plan of the studio lends itself to interaction among artists and visitors, creating an atmosphere where the exchange of ideas flows freely and often. The building is host to about 25 visual artists and musicians, and offers a darkroom, music room, and micro event space on the lower floor. A light-filled gallery provides a unique space for  artists to show and sell their work in exhibits that change monthly. The studios are open daily and visitors are welcome. On the first Thursday of on-season months, the building stays open late to host opening receptions during the Telluride Art Walk from 5-8pm.


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